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Specialty & Ethnic Brands
---- GrayLine (large)
---- Arrezzio (large)Arrezzio

Arrezzio is the go-to source for reliable, real Italian flavor. From pesto sauce to cheeses, from canned tomatoes to pizza dough, Arrezzio foodservice products are a fresh take on old-world cuisine – robust, diverse and authentic.

---- BlockandBarrel (large)Block & Barrel

Block & Barrel offers high-quality deli meats (both bulk and pre-sliced) as well as bulk and sliced cheeses, sandwich rolls and ready-made breads and a full line of accompaniments. Pile Block & Barrel roast beef, ham or turkey on a sandwich roll, top it with a slice of cheese, and add a crisp Block & Barrel kosher pickle spear or a steamy bowl of prepared soup, and you have a delightful deli offering. Add some Block & Barrel chips or pretzels and lunch is served.

---- CasaSolana (large)Casa Solana

Casa Solana spices up a restaurant menu, whether you are preparing an authentic south-of-the-border meal or just adding a little touch of Latin heat to a dish. The Casa Solana line includes both pre-cooked and ready-to-cook seasoned fajita meats, fire-roasted and salsa-style tomatoes, block and shredded cheeses, diverse selections of corn and flour tortillas, plus prepared avocado, guacamoles and salsa, refried and black beans, and tortilla chips – not to mention mouth-watering, eye-watering jalapenos and other chilies. Fiesta!