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We're dedicated to customers' success.

---- GrayLine (large) Reasons To Have A Business Review

Resolve Your Concerns

This is an open forum. We understand that your days are filled with many challenges.As your trusted partner, our goal is to define those specific areas where we may assist you or improve our services.

Build a Profitable Partnership

We have the experience, the products and the services to make your business profitable which makes this a shared success.

Evaluate Your Product Mix

A clear understanding of your product mix will make your operation more efficient and save you money!

Track Purchases and Savings

Included in the Business Review are all of your purchases and savings for the reviewing periods.This is a great opportunity to evaluate and compare.

Provide Information for I-Care Services

In an effort to build successful partnerships SYSCO offers a wide array of value added resources specific to the food service industry.

Our Way of Saying "Thank You"

There is no cost to you for a Business Review. This is a service reserved for our customers.

Topics Of Discussion

Menu Profitability, Management Tools, Labor, Food Cost, Marketing Ideas and Tools, Server Profitability Training, Check Average and Profit Boosters

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does Business Review take?

We normally spend about one hour at a review, however, we can adjust the time to fit your needs.

Where does Business Review take place?

Customers have found that our offices provide less distractions and offer additional on-the-spot resources such as a test kitchen tasting.However, we would be happy to come to you if you just can't get away.

What do I need to provide for my Business Review?

Your marketing associate will assist you in filling out a short survey and please provide a copy of your current menu.

Who should attend Business Review?

The decision makers most responsible for the profitability of your business.

Can a Business Review help me with sales and profits?

Yes it can! Reviewed customers who have implemented ideas and principles discussed at their review have experienced success in other areas as well.


"In House" Reviews Can Include

Tour of Facility

Test Kitchen

Product Evaluation

Test New Products

Menu Development Information

Who do you talk to about this?



Daniel Niese

Director of Business Resources


John Baumgart

Business Resource Specialist





Angela McComiskey

Business Resource Specialist