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Food Safety First
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---- FoodSafetyLogo (large)Over the past year, 52 percent of consumers indicated that food safety has become more important to them today than it was a year ago, according to research released by the International Food Safety Council.

Browse through safe food preparation and handling tips brought to you by Sysco and other food industry experts.

Foods should be reheated thoroughly to an internal temperature of 165°F or more within two hours before serving. Potentially hazardous foods must be held at temperatures above 140°F...

Quality Guidelines
Sysco is doing its part with the industry's largest and most capable staff of Quality Assurance professionals who make sure that Sysco Brand products are as safe...

Food Safety 101-The Hot And Cold Of It
Even as progress is made in reducing contamination, it is critical that food handlers follow safe food handling practices.

Top 10
Top 10 Tips to "Keep It Clean"

Cutting Boards
What's the center of your kitchen food-safety program? If it's not the cutting boards, your efforts to produce pathogen-free food stand little chance of succeeding.

Safe Poultry
Despite a lingering misconception, poultry is no more susceptible to bacterial contamination than red meat, pork or even fish.

Color Coding
In America's restaurant kitchens, today's hottest trend is color coordination. But it's food safety, not fashion flair, that has foodservice managers thinking in color.

Bad Press
The first and most important thing to do if you receive a bad health-inspection report is to correct the infraction," says Hank Steinberg, president...

When it comes to preparing meats, many of us believe that the cooking process alone solves any potential problems with the growth of microorganisms.

Employee Sanitation
It seems that almost everyday the local news features yet another story on a person who has fallen ill after eating at a restaurant.

Cold Facts
According to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, following are the four acceptable ways to thaw frozen foods:...

Handling Cheese
Receiving, storing and sanitation methods for Cheese.

Proper Temperature
Cooking food to the proper internal temperature kills harmful bacteria. Test for doneness with a clean food thermometer and follow the chart below.

Use Disposable Gloves
Disposable gloves can be an important tool for any food safety program.

Care For Condiments
Condiment safety-this needs to be more than an afterthought.

Training Techniques
It seems that almost everyday the local news features yet another story on a person who has fallen ill after eating at a restaurant.

Putting HACCP Safety Practices Into Action, Part I
An on-site operation, a family dining chain and an independent show how food safety practices translate into good business.

Putting HACCP Safety Practices Into Action, Part II
Checklists, Labels and Training Keep Food Safe at Bob Evans® Bob Evans, based in Columbus, Ohio, is best known for breakfast, but the chain serves three meals a day.

The Right Way to Prepare Eggs
According to the American Egg Board, Park Ridge, Ill., eggs not only are incredibly edible, but also incredibly safe provided that they are properly stored, handled and prepared.

Secrets of Self-Inspection, Part I
If, as the old adage suggests, physicians ought to know how to heal themselves, then the mantra of every foodservice facility's operations bible should be "Foodservice, inspect thyself."

Secrets of Self-Inspection, Part II
Use Local Resources.

Clean Machines
Beverage and soft serve machines are prime places for bacteria to grow if not cleaned, sanitized and maintained properly.

The Perfect Brew
Hot or iced, proper tea preparation optimizes its quality and flavor.

A Processing Plant Priority: Food Safety
As a part of the food chain, two food processors provide insight.

Taking Control with Technology & Training Part I
Two restaurant chains bring together all the elements to ensure safe food. Luby's Dishes Out Food Safety...

Taking Control with Technology & Training Part II
Temperatures are Top Priority.

Get Juiced
Put the squeeze on produce pathogens with these juice bar food safety tips. A cool, refreshing glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice loaded with vitamins...

HMR: Convenient and Safe Food
Operators maintain food safety standards in this demanding sector.

Sysco Corporation is a proud sponsor of the International Food Safety Council.